Bullet Journal WHAM Style

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Last year was quite a whirl wind, and when it ended I was completely relieved. From starting my career, the birth of our son, getting our older kids into sports and even seeing our oldest graduate from high school, the year was definitely NOT short on life changing and exciting events. My biggest struggle getting though the year was my lack of organization. I was forever repeating the same few replies  “Oh… Damn… I forgot!” or “What do you mean there is no school tomorrow?!!” I was always falling behind on completing my personal goals, paying bills, doing laundry basically… everything… One thing I come to know about myself is that I am one of those people that despise routine and structure but need it oh so badly!! So this year some of my goals are to be more productive by being better organized and living a healthier lifestyle.

The hardest part for me is knowing where to start, I have tried to get organized before, day timers, calendars and planning apps. None of them seemed to really help because they were all of singular purpose, one for planning, one for organizing, one for a grocery list.  I have never been one to conform to society and the rules that your day should fit into tiny little squares or lines dictated by the hour and quite frankly it just doesn’t work for me, so when I heard about Bullet Journaling it really peaked my interest! It is a new way of getting organized and all that is needed is a pen and a notebook.   Call me old school but with all the tech we have, some times good ol’ pen and paper are the best tools for the job. I got mine at Indigo but you can also get it on Amazon.

I have done some research on bullet journaling starting with the Bullet Journal website for a good instructional video on starting a bullet journal. I also watched some flip though youtube videos and how some people have adapted the method to work for them, my favourite is from Boho Berry. Getting started, as simple as it should be, was harder than it seemed. I got caught up in the artsy part of it forgetting the true purpose of it. Getting organized. So as painful as it was for me to waste the first 10 sheets of my journal, I started over with simplicity in mind. I still have a lot to figure out to truly make this method work for me but so far so good. I think the most important part is consistency.

I really thought the activity tracker would be something to help me stay on task but unfortunately so far it has remained rather blank even though I am only a few days into it, and the mood tracker is definitely something I plan to keep up with. The best part about this whole method is that the journal doesn’t have to be used only to plan your day as a mom, I use it to brainstorm, to jot down mid night ideas as I try to fall asleep, and now that I think about it, I spend soooo much LESS time thinking about what I want or need to do for the next day. I feel so much more productive and am getting things done!

Although I haven’t quite completed a full week of journaling, I can see myself using this method in the future. What do you use to keep your hectic mom life in order? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment!

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