Extrovert Overload: Being a Better Introverted Mom

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I recently read a post that talked about characteristics of an extroverted introvert. (You can view that post here, it’s an entertaining read!) I guiltily raised my hand, nodded and chuckled at all 19 examples because I totally related to every point he made, but that got me thinking on how my introverted behaviours affect my family. I am an extroverted introvert. I enjoy spending time with others but its usually on a one on one level, crowds are an emotional, mental and physical drainer.

Speaking of crowds, there are 6 people in my family, 5 of them are extroverts, well, we don’t quite know if Mr. Grey is an introvert or extrovert yet but a crying baby that expects all of my attention…I’ll consider him an extrovert for now! Before I say anything more I have to say… I love my family. I have dedicated everything I am to my children and my hubby. So now that that is out of the way… as an introvert, my family can sometimes drain the life out of me!

Before I went on mat leave, I would come home from a long days work, ready for my ass the hit the couch or my head the pillow! It didn’t take long before I got the daily rundown of how their days went, and in my house, I have that super power… you know the one… the one that allows you to be able to listen to everyone at the same time? Ya, that one! They would all be talking at the same time interrupting each others stories and interjecting their opinions. Then there was the daily mom chores like, making sure the kids finish their chores, prepare for their extra curricular activities (football and horse back ridding), dinner and don’t even get me started on hair combing!! After all that I would finally get to slow down. Cue my oldest, she would at least wait till I was deeply involved in my favourite show before telling me about her days drama. After dinner was my hubby’s turn. All of that energy that would be expended by them was absorbed by me and I would be on overload, wanting to, rather needing to shut down. I realized it was making me a cranky, less attentive and frustrated mom. Not good in my book. So I took drastic measures and ran away! Just kidding!! Here’s what I did:

  1. Talked to my husband and let him know exactly what I was feeling and how I am affected by others actions. Having his support was the main and most important part.
  2. Talked to my kids! Keeping my kids in the dark/naive has never been a page in my parenting book. I choose to share, communicate and educate whenever possible so they will have a better idea of how to deal with similar situations that they may be faced with in the future.
  3. Taking 30 minutes for myself when I got home from work. It was tough most times but I tried to keep the “How was your day” question for the dinner table.
  4. Try to spend time with each of my children one at a time when possible, like when we were in the car driving to football practice or when my hubby takes Ms. Aly to riding lessons. If I wasn’t able to do one on one, I would try doing something that we all enjoy that was also creative and fun. For me as a creative person, I find doing little projects a good way to unwind or relax, a way to shift gears.

In the end, being a good mom doesn’t depend on how many cookies or cupcakes you make, or how good of a birthday party you throw or even how much stuff you buy them. Being a good mom in my opinion is how well you listen to your children, knowing when to ask for help and providing the best opportunities for their future as you can.

Are you an introverted mom? Are your children introverted or extroverted? Let me know what its like in your house! Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your point of view!

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