Making the Move: T.O. to YEG

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Living in Toronto wasn't all it's cracked up to be. Okay... so I didn't live right in the heart of T.O. but that's where I was being drawn for work once I graduated college. The competition was fierce, don't quote me on this, (and if you know feel free to correct me) but I think the statistic is at least 1:100... yeah, that's 1 job that at least 100 other designers are applying to, and the competition didn't stop at design jobs/careers, Mr. D was working but wanted to make the jump from job to career, it was time we started providing a better future for our kids than what we were at that time. We were living pay check to pay check (like so many other families out there) and couldn't even afford to put our kids in extra curricular activities. We were barely making it. So, moving to Alberta was one of the best things we did, not just for me, but for the whole family.

We packed up our 3 bedroom house, our 3 kids and 2 dogs into a 26ft Uhaul and what couldn't fit in there, we fit into our little Mazda 3 hatch back, and hit the road. (Just to be clear... we did NOT pack our kids in the Uhaul! lol)  It took us 3 days to travel across the country. It was one of the best family trips we have had even though we all didn't travel in the same vehicle.


It took us almost 2 days to escape Ontario! On the first night we stopped in Wawa, then early the next morning we drove for what felt like forever until we got to Kenora and we were still in Ontario! We finally decided to stop for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant just off the road. It was just as sketchy as it sounded but we decided not to judge a book by its cover. The food was okay but we definitely should have judged it and hard! Later that evening we started to feel sick, one by one we were brought down by our bad decision! We finally made it out of Ontario the next day, crossed Manitoba and started into Saskatchewan by the end of day 2. The scenery was beautiful for most of the ride accept when the roads got super flat, were surrounded by flat farmland, and the snow storm started! Driving through a snow storm... No... not fun! By early day 3 we made it into Alberta and the excitement started to build. We were all ready to finally see where we were going to be living and to get out of the extremely cramped vehicles! We spent 3 days in a hotel while we scoured the Edmonton area to find a place to live. We finally found a little acreage that would give us all the space we needed and finally got settled in on what I think was probably the coldest day of the year!!

Our lives have really changed since we moved. We are now able to provide opportunities for our children that just weren't even a possibility in Toronto. Our daughter Miss Aly, who is really into horses, started horseback riding lessons (dressage to be exact) and she is taking off! Our son, Lil' D started football and man oh man does he have some moves!!! (He takes after his daddy!). Our oldest graduated high school without any negative life changing incidences and is becoming a responsible young adult. Mr. D has finally started his career and is well recognized for his dedication and effort. As for me, I have finally started working in my field with an amazing family company.

Have you had any life altering events? I'd love to hear your story, leave a comment or email me at! Can't wait to hear from you!

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