Storytime: Life After Baby – Grocery Shopping

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A husband, 3 kids (18,11,10), 2 dogs 3 goats, twenty…. three chickens and now a newborn baby! Needless to say, life was seeming pretty overwhelming and as an introverted person, I had no problem following my newborns lead of sleep, eat, sleep! But life does go on and after my hubby went back to work it was time to get out of bed!

Grocery shopping was the first task, and the first time I would be leaving the house with baby by myself…Here we go!

Diaper bag [✔]

grocery list[✔]

car keys [✔]

wallet  [✔]

baby [✔]

I packed up the car and we were on our way. We made it to the store without a hiccup, got Mr. Grey’s car seat into the cart and began to push it into the store and then I realized… I can’t see over the carseat!!! At 5’2 the carseat on top of the cart was just high enough to block the view in front of me. UGH! Short people problems!!! I pushed on with my fingers crossed that I didn’t run over anyone.

Mr. Grey was great he made it the whole way through my list and now we were ready to check out. I watch the clerk scan my items and with every beep I got more and more anxious… Mr. Grey is waking up and this clerk is moving…. sooo…. damn….slow!!!!! She finally gets done and I pull out my wallet and reach for my debit ca…ugggghhhhh!! I couldn’t find my card! By this point I’m getting a bit sweaty… and embarrassed!! I forgot to put it back in my wallet after my earlier stop for a much needed coffee! So I smile at the clerk and tell her I’ll be right back!

I lift the carseat out of the cart and tried to walk as fast as I could to the other end of the store where I had parked the car. I finally get there, grab my card and make a fast hobble back, poor Mr. Grey fussing the whole way! By the time I get back to the register, I can see the impatience in the face of the lady behind me, so I smile, apologize, and pay for my goods.

By the time I get back to the car, Mr. Grey is screaming so I toss everything into the trunk, snap in his seat and make a bee line for home. 10 minutes later I pull into my driveway and the screaming finally subsides but I still have groceries to put away and I am BEAT! Luckily my poorly planned trip to the store happened to end right as my older little ones got home from school! I was saved and just in time too because Mr. Grey was starting up again!

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