Storytime: Mom & Baby’s First Flight

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At 33 years old, it often comes as a shock to people when I tell them I’ve never been on a plane before. As a child, “vacationing” outside of Ontario in surrounding provinces/states that were in driving distance was as good as it got. Even now as an adult, and being young parents, my hubby and I have never been in the financial position to take vacations (or even a real honeymoon!) so taking a plane anywhere was waaaaay at the bottom of my bucket list, until this past December.

So if you read my previous post “Words of Wisdom: Lessons from 2016”, I shared what 2016 had revealed to me as a mom, but I also shared that one of my sisters were getting married!! (you can read the back story in that post). So… after telling my sister that I wasn’t going to be able to make it to Toronto for her wedding, due to the cost, one of my other sisters decided that she was going to bless me with a plane ticket so I could make it! I love my fams!!! I was super excited to see my family because I hadn’t seen them since I moved to Alberta, almost 2 years!

There was about a week left before the big day and I researched and researched and researched what I needed to do before, during and after our flight… Oh yea! I was going to take my first flight with Mr. Grey! All the tips other blogs gave were helpful and I took the info that I thought I could use. Finally the day came (or very early morning because I accidentally booked a 6am flight!!), I got ready,  woke Mr. Grey at 3:30am and he was great… the whole flight. I was truly lucky!

The whole experience heading to Toronto was great. Being in the Edmonton airport wasn’t as nerve racking as I had anticipated. I printed my digital ticket and headed to security which I was not looking forward to because the line! Oh my gosh was it looooonnnggg!!! Once I left my hubby with the stroller, I was left with a duffle bag, a diaper bag, my purse, the car seat and Mr. Grey to carry. But, I got to go through the line for families with small children, which was such a relief! I gate checked the car seat, and I was one of the first to board, got a window seat and sat next to the nicest older couple. The gentleman was on the tall side and opted to sit a row ahead where there was a bit more leg room so the wife could move over and give me and Mr Grey a bit more space. Mr. Grey was awake and quite the entire time!!

We reached Toronto safely and we had an amazing time! There were some things I wish I had brought or had while I was there (in the next post)  and Mr. Grey popped his first tooth! Then it was time for the flight back. Everyone had something for me to bring back so I decided I was gonna bite the bullet and pay the $25 to check a bag, so I bought a suitcase and packed it TIGHT!

Toronto Airport wasn’t so bad, but it was quite a distance through the airport so I was soooo glad that I bought and checked my suitcase! On the flight back, the plane was PACKED! I got a window seat again, but this time I wasn’t so lucky getting a free seat. The woman sitting next to me didn’t seem too amused that she had to sit next to someone with a baby and this time Mr. Grey wasn’t so cooperative! Despite the fact that it was nap time, Mr. Grey was awake and alert, screeching… just for fun! There was nothing I could do!

We finally landed and I was sooo excited to see my hubby and kids. All in all I had a great first flight experience and would love to do it again… with a few alterations!! To find out what I would recommend for flying with an infant and first time flyers check out the next post “How to Fly Frenzy Free!!

What was your first plane ride like? Good? Bad? Did you fly with your baby? I’d love to hear your story leave a comment or email your story for a chance to be a feature post!


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