Words of Wisdom: Lessons from 2016

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Well everyone… Christmas has gone and the New Year is finally here, and after all the commotion, “vacation”, and the kids being home for weeks, it is time to finally get back to “normal” life. But before I do, I want to share what I learned about myself  this 2016 and maybe you learned some of the same about yourself as a mom/dad.

If you started following me during the Christmas season, you saw me attempt a 12 Days of Christmas and you know I didn’t quite get it done on time (Though I am in the process of finishing it!!). At first I was frustrated, heart broken, stressed… all because I was committed to delivering for you all. So as Christmas Eve rolled around and  my time “ran out” I realized a few things and I think they can apply to any parent trying to accomplish tasks outside of your daily routine:

You are a MOM.
You nurture, you teach,
you listen and learn.

You cook, you clean,
do laundry and you work.

You are selfless & only one woman.

Although this is something I already knew, I needed to take the time to remember it. I am the type of person to put others (mainly family) before my own needs and wants… I think most moms do, and that caused me to fall behind…

So, during the Christmas season, one of my sisters asked me to design a logo for her, and once the logo was finished, she asked me to do her website! Of course I wouldn’t say no! With only 1 week left before Christmas the website was finally launched and there were and are still kinks that need to be worked out. One of my other sisters was getting married at the end of December, and since I wasn’t going to be able to attend her wedding, she asked me in November to make a Celtic wedding hand fasting wrap that would be used during the ceremony and that they could pass down to their children as a family heirloom.  Now, of course, I was ecstatic about being a part of her wedding and even a part of her family traditions, so I said YAAASSS!!! So right then and there I started sketching up a conceptual design, and looked for fabric right after we hung up the phone.
My mom had asked me during one of our conversations how long I thought it would take me to get done…” an hour or two” I said. YEAH RIGHT!!! It took me 2 days! (well the “me time” I get during Mr. Grey’s naps and the entire evening after putting him to bed, making dinner and eating!). With a week left before the wedding I was finally done. (Luckily, there were secret plans for me to fly to Toronto so I got a little “extra” time to perfect it.) At that point my lesson was learned…

I needed to make plans. I needed to have started my 12 Days of Christmas in November…heck even back as far as October in order to get it done on time and not feel rushed, at least 12 weeks before I wanted to start posting. I also needed to set a time in my daily routine for the “extra curricular activities” I had taken on. Most of all I needed to remember… life happens, things always come up that interrupt my daily routine and cause me to put other things on hold (like those night time cloth diaper inserts I was supposed to make 4 months ago!).

It is important not just to have goals but to make sure they are realistic, are planned in advance and if they don’t quite get done, to know that it doesn’t make me a failure, it makes me a busy, dedicated mom! 

So… I hope my lessons learned can become words of wisdom for you in 2017.


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