The 7th Day of Christmas: Cookie Cutter Photo Frames

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These cookie cutter photo frames make a sweet gift set for family members and make any desk or table festive and fun.They are a great way to make use of all those photos that haven’t quite made it into the photo album you were planning to finish.

You can use the original photos, but I recommend scanning them first… just in case! Or you can reprint from the scan if you plan on making these for multiple family members. I chose to use baby photos for one side and a more current photo for the other, which is a great way to dredge up the most embarrassing photos of family members they forgot you had!!

You don’t need much for this craft…

  • scissors
  • festive cookie cutters
  • hot glue (craft glue should work as well)
  • pen or marker for tracing

Check out the quick video tutorial and get crafting!



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