The Best Breastfeeding Latch Advice EVER!

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As a first time breastfeeding mom, I had a lot to learn. With my first 2 children, I made an attempt to breast feed them but I couldn’t make it past the first 3 weeks! (You can read my story about how I finally made it through the first 3 weeks of breastfeeding here.)

What I’m about to share with you saved me from giving up on breastfeeding. If you are struggling with getting your baby to latch on this could be just about the only latch advice you will need. Here goes!

It’s called the Nipple Flip!



Position baby in your arms however you are comfortable. Place your pointer and middle finger (or any two fingers that work best for you) on the top and bottom of your nipple, as if to pinch it.

Begin to fold your nipple up to point towards the ceiling and hold it in place with your finger.

breastfeeding-1Bring baby up to your breast making sure his mouth is wide open and his mouth is over your finger/nipple and his upper lip is touching the top of your areola.

Finally, carefully let your nipple “flip” back to its natural position as you remove your fingers and it should land in the correct position far back in baby’s mouth.


Here is a video from

For me it took a try or two to get it right and Mr. Grey would also try to adjust his mouth if my nipple landed a bit too far in his mouth.

So that is it! The best latch advice EVER!!! What do you think? Have you tried this technique? Did it work for you? Leave a comment, let us know and subscribe to the EOAM Community!


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