Natural Gender Selection

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I had baby fever and I had it BAAADD! When I was planning on having my first baby, my heart ached for a girl! I could just imagine her beautiful caramel skin, her silky, long, curly flowing hair…. all the cute outfits I would put her in and all the fun we would have when she got older! I was blessed and my first born was a girl! And for my next hat trick… a boy, and a boy I did have!!!

When I found out I was pregnant with my newest little one, I was desperate for another boy, I had enough of the silky, long, curly, flowing hair. At least once a week I would be online searching for ways to find out what I was having, hoping and praying they would all say the same thing, I was gonna have a boy.  Pinterest became my best friend at this point and I found a lot of old wives tales about how to predict the sex of your baby, like swinging a chain and pendant over your pregnant belly, eating spicy or savoury foods vs sweet and even the positioning of the placenta at your ultrasound!

I was blessed yet again when we went for our gender ultrasound and the technician announced it was a boy, even though I kind of already knew, I had a gut feeling, and I used the Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction Chart! Ok, so I didn’t fully “believe” the chart was accurate, but finding out I was going to have a boy through ultrasound made me a true believer, that and testing it on my first 2 children! Those Ancient Chinese sure knew what they were doing!


But that is prediction… and you don’t want to leave it to chance?

Don’t you worry, the Ancients got your back!!! You can also use this same chart to select the sex of your baby. It tells you the best times to try and conceive for the sex you want!!  There are tons of Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor sites out there but they all work the same way and here’s how.



The Chinese follow the Lunar calendar and according to this calendar, it is believed that at your birth, you have already reached 1 year. That being said… The prediction chart uses your lunar age coupled with the date of conception to determine the sex of your baby. However, this gender selection chart uses that information and gives you timeframes you should try to conceive to have the baby you want.

I’ve seen post from people who say that it is completely inaccurate and as far as I can tell it works quite well! It is important to have accurate dates to get accurate readings, that means if you are using the predictor, date of birth could be less accurate if your baby was born premature, early or even late. When I used it to “check” its accuracy with my kids, I used the conception year and month. I left the day at the first, cause hell… that is just too much to remember!!

So give the baby gender selector a try and let me know how it works! I would but… this baby factory is now CLOSED!!


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