Modern Cloth Diapers: DIY vs BUY

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Are you thinking about cloth diapering your little one? Not sure weather to make them or buy them? Here are some things to consider that may help you make a decision.


The best part of making your own diapers is that you have control over the materials that are used. You choose how cheap or expensive you want to go. You could even colour coordinate the patterns you choose!

You also have the opportunity to try out different diaper styles and really tailor them for your little one. Finding free diaper patterns is easy. Prefold 2 Fitted blog is a great place to start. They have patterns that are comparable in style to brand name cloth diapers. I have used the Multi-wing One Size Fitted pattern but the Square Tab One Size pattern is my favourite so far, it is a cross between bumGenius and FuzziBunz.

Handmade Cloth Diaper Styles

Now if you chose to make your diapers buying the materials can cost you less. I like to buy my materials from Diaper Sewing Supplies. Patterned PUL cost $16 ($20.79 CAD) a yard, which when laid out properly can yield 3 diapers. I also like to use athletic wicking jersey ($7.80/yard – $10.13 CAD) as my lining for my pocket diapers.

For the inserts/soakers, I make mine out of Flour Sack Towels (tutorial here) that cost  $1.58ea. ($7.88 for a 5 pack) Elastic, thread and Kam snaps can be purchased for about $12. So, totaling that all up…it would cost about $47.66 to make 3 diapers! Even including shipping (at least $25) it can still be cheaper than buying them!!!



I absolutely adore bumGenius! diapers, they always have such cute patterns and a wide range of colours, but the cost of buying lets say…an organic one size all-in-one diaper like the one above is 31.95 + tax (+ shipping and handling if you order online!). This style and brand is one of the more expensive ones. An average cost for quality diapers is about $20, and buying your diapers can save you time.

Now all that info is pointless if we don’t know how they measure up. Well, without any bias, I would have to say as far as the diapers go… they are equal. Both will leak if not used correctly and there are so many styles out there, you are bound to find one with a good fit if you buy, but you may have to go through a few to get it right! Ok, so I have a little bias… I love making cloth diapers, what can I say!!

I hope this comparison will help you decide. Leave a reply and let me know what you chose!


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