Homemade Stain Remover Review

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One of the most common frustrations mom’s  with young children have is the constant opportunity for stains. It is almost guaranteed… you get your little one all dressed up in their cutest outfit and without fail there is a diaper explosion!!!

If you are on Pinterest as much as I am, I’m sure you have seen this homemade stain remover floating around that people claim works like magic. It is made with only 2 ingredients so it is easy to make. I started with a 2-1 recipe and here are some examples of the stains I tested it on.

Stain Remover Recipe

1/4 Cup Hydrogen Peroxide
2 Tbsp Blue Dawn Dish Detergent

Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn in a spray bottle and apply to stain.

*Tip: Use the spray on straight shot not on mist. The fine mist can get up your nose and it is an unpleasant feeling… Learn from my mistake!! lol

Example 1: How old is that stain???



We were blessed to be gifted gently used clothes from great friends for our new little guy. (We didn’t have to buy 1 piece of clothing!!) As to be expected there were a few really cute items that happened to have a couple stains. Of course I have no idea how old these stains are and they are a little harder to see since these pants have already been washed.

So I was kind of disappointed with this one, though I probably had some unrealistic expectations. There was much if any difference in the stain. But considering the fact that I have no idea how “set” this stain was, i will give it another go with a higher concentration of peroxide.

Example 2: Rinse, Dry, Stain



Ok, so the diaper explodes and you immediately bring it to the bathroom to rinse it out in hopes to save it from getting horribly stained but… it’s not quite laundry day and its the only thing to wash, so you leave it to dry. DUNN DUNN DUHHH!!! The rinsed and dried for days stain!!!

This one turned out better than I expected! To be honest… this stain sat for at least a week. (I know, smh, it’s bad) But as you can see from the before and after, there’s only one little spot that could use a mother treatment probably with a higher concentration of peroxide as well.

Example 3:While You Were Away…



A picnic in the park or a day at the mall. For me it was an hour of horse back riding lessons for my first born and it happened.

So you change baby with pride because you predicted this might happen and brought a change of clothes! (yay for you!!) But with no accessible bathroom, you do your best with a couple of wipes and hurriedly shove it into the diaper bag. With all the commotion and the bedtime routine when you finally reach home, it gets forgotten.

I think this one worked best. Even though this onesie is dark the stripes between show very little stain.

All in all I think this stain remover works, I’ll give it 3 stars. I think I will try a stronger dose and see if it makes a difference. Come back soon to check out the update.


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