9 Most Useful Apps for Parents

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As parents, its hard enough keeping track of our day to day activities especially if you have more than one active child. There are tons of apps out there to help us track baby’s development through pregnancy, catalog your little ones school projects or track sleep, feedings and growth.I have compiled a list of my picks for the best apps for parents in 2016 to help you keep it straight and parent like a BOSS!

 glownutureiconPregnancy Tracker Glow Nurture

This app is great for following your baby’s growth through your pregnancy.  It also allows you to track your changes like weight and pregnancy symptoms and connect with other soon to be parents. Want to see the progression of your baby bump? Nuture has a section to do just that!


glowbabyiconGlow Baby

Glow Baby is the follow up to the Nurture app. Once your little one is born, check out this app to track just about everything! If you are a first time parent or its your third, this app helps track the important information all in one spot.


I use this app all the time to track feedings, sleep, diaper changes  (you can even “stylize” the poops!). Follow along with baby’s growth by plotting his weight, length and head circumference that you get at each doctors appointment and check off your baby’s development month by month and snap a pic to save the moment . And much like the Nurture app connect with parents also using the app.

babysleepicon Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep  is a really good white noise app. It has a wide range of common household sounds that babies generally love for their droning repetition. It also allows you to record your own sound or record your own voice singing their favourite lullaby!



Ok…this one is for you!  I know there can be times where it feels like you are going to completely lose your sanity! This app is a great way to take a 10min breather using guided meditation to bring you back to centre.


If you’ve managed to get that little one down for a nap or dropped the kids off at school take 10mins to unwind. Just please don’t try it while driving!!! This app is free to download and the beginners course is free, however if you want to graduate to the next “level” you do have to purchase a monthly membership.

babycentericonBaby Center

If you’ve had a baby you probably already know about the Baby Center website. Well they also have an app. The app is much like the website with week to week updates about where you are in your pregnancy and then your baby’s development once he or she is born. And of course, connect with other parents in a wide range of forums.


babypicsiconBaby Pics

I love this app! I’ll admit I am one of those parents that is constantly snapping pics of my kids and baby any chance I get!  What I love about this app is that you can choose to add a filter, add some text and/or use the artwork that comes with the app. Even though this is a paid app with in app purchases, it is/was definitely worth the $5 or $6.


webmdbabyiconWebMD Baby

If you’ve used the Internet at one point or another and have had some kind of illness, chances are you have used or at least heard of WebMD. I recently found out they they also have an app dedicated to baby.


WebMD Baby is a lot like the Glow Baby app mentioned above, giving you the ability to track feedings, diapers, sleep, growth and milestones. The added bonus is that it provides an easier and more focused access when you are wondering why your baby’s poop has turned that funny shade of green. Though I do have to say, you shouldn’t use any information found on this app or WebMD to self diagnose your baby. Always consult a physician.

homey-icon Homey

One of my most favourite apps! Honestly… I think I’m in love. When I was growing up, there was always an argument about who’s turn it was for which chore… and it is no different in my house now with my 3 kids.


Enter Homey! With this app you can organize and assign chores for each of the members of your family! Once the chore is complete, mark it as done and claim your reward!! Yes reward! You set each chore and the amount of points each chore is worth,once you have collected enough points for the reward… claim it! My kids love it!!

momlifeMom Life

I recently found Mom.Life and I must say… I really like it a lot. It’s a great place to connect with other mothers in your area and share stories, photos and advice! You can also use this app to track your pregnancy!


Have an app you think should make the list? Leave a comment!


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