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It’s The End: of Mat Leave!

With mat leave coming to an end, I can feel my anxiety creeping up on me. I don’t know if I am ready to go back… or if I even want to go back! I really wanted to share with all the new parents out there what I went through my first week back to work.  

Confessions of a First-Time-Mom (FTM): Second Trimester

Looking back on the past seven months, I’ve had to face some truths about myself.  In more ways than one I am extremely blessed. Lucky. Fortunate.  The human body is such a miracle and the changes that a woman’s body instinctively makes to support new life  is nothing short of incredible.  So I confess.  I […]

Story Time: Buying Our First House

Since moving to Alberta, we have been renting an acreage. Having 2  dogs 2 BIG dogs made it difficult to find an apartment. Never the less we were blessed to find a place to live on short notice, but it was taking a toll on our financial well being and restricting what we were able […]

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