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Confessions of a First-Time-Mom (FTM): First Trimester

For me, the journey to motherhood has been exciting, rewarding, stressful, fun, and downright hard work.  My whole life seems to centre around this tiny person that captures my every thought and my entire heart.  It’s hard to describe what pregnancy feels like for a first-time-mom.  And if you’re anything like me you obsessively track […]

Bullet Journal WHAM Style

Last year was quite a whirl wind, and when it ended I was completely relieved. From starting my career, the birth of our son, getting our older kids into sports and even seeing our oldest graduate from high school, the year was definitely NOT short on life changing and exciting events. My biggest struggle getting […]

Surprise! Your Pregnant!

After a much needed move clear across the country, just over a year of settling into our new Albertan lifestyle, and finally finding a design related job that I could see myself advancing in, life took a sudden and sharp, hard left.

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